Dalhoff Piano Tuning & Service -Minneapolis MN

Bill Dalhoff Piano Tuning & Service offers piano tuning, service and repair for the southwest metro area of Minneapolis. If your piano has not been tuned in a year, or it sounds out of tune, you need a piano technician to tune your piano.

Hiring a professional piano tuner will result in your piano being tuned accurately and correctly. Bill Dalhoff Piano Tuning and Service has the experience and knowledge to give you accurate and guaranteed results.

How long to Tune a Piano?

The first visit will take 2 hours or more depending on services provided.  There are 220 plus strings on a piano and they may require adjustment more than once.  A piano tuned on a regular basis usually takes about 1.5 hours.

Schedule your Piano Tuning

I service the entire southwest metro for piano tuning.  Call me today to schedule your piano tuning!

Contact Me

Please Contact Me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a piano tuning or service. I can also assist you for piano moving companies or piano teachers referrals.

Phone: 952-368-9575